Fitness Testimonials

jamo-nezzar1“Having Ozzie Jacobs as part of my fitness expert team was the best thing I did for . Ozzie has a vast expertise in fitness and health, from her energized workouts to her hosting and fitness articles.

Thank you Ozzie for joining me in my adventure in making the best online fitness social network are a valued asset!”

Jamo Nezzar
CEO / President

amanda-before-after1“I have been training with a little fireball of energy called Ozzie 1-2 times a week for the last year and a half. Ozzie is extremely motivating and takes customization to a new level.

My goals began as improving general health & weight loss, but I always get much more than that. She has helped me to lose more than 25 pounds (which I am ecstatic about) as well as overcome hip, knee and ankle problems. My workouts are always challenging as Ozzie constantly creates new ways to push me.

To say that she is a fantastic trainer is a huge understatement…I look forward to working with Ozzie for a long time to come!”


“My name is Ellen and I have been training with Ozzie for almost 2 years.

Before, I went to the gym and went to group classes and on other days was on cardio machines. There were times that I would go regularly, but then there were months that I would not go at all to the gym. I was lucky to meet Ozzie at my gym through a promotional event for personal trainers.

I thought that it would be a good motivator to have an appointment to get to the gym the times that I was in a slump. But training with Ozzie is so much better than just that.

Ozzie is full of energy and motivation. She always has new things to challenge my body and she is always focused on me during my sessions so that I am doing everything correctly. When I have a sore muscle, Ozzie is really good about working around it, but not ignoring the area just because it is sore. She really knows what she is doing! I always feel so much better when I train with Ozzie regularly.

I have more energy and just feel better about my health and my body. Being healthy is priceless and Ozzie gets me there while making it fun.”


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