Exercise To Cope

Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, reveals how exercise can help us cope with tough situations.



Exercise: To improve posture

Stand up straight!

This is something that your mother might have told you time and time again.  Sure you may have rolled your shoulders back and adjusted your posture for the moment but minutes later you went back to that forward slump.

Now that you are an adult that forward slump, slouch, “hunch back” or “rounded shoulder” posture has some major consequences.

  1. Pain! The body was not designed to hunch over a desk but since you are forcing it to do so for eight to ten hours a day, the result is pain.  Pain caused by the misuse of the low back (the low back is not strong enough to support the weight of your upper body), the resultant pain you feel is your low back telling you to “stop it now, right now”.
  2. Weak Abdominals/Core! When slouched forward your abdominals/core are on vacation.  Normally when we make a conscious effort to sit up straight the abdominals/core lifts or engages slightly to support the torso.
  3. A Bad Look! A slouched posture is never attractive, standing up straight accentuates your physique.

Check out the following videos to help improve your posture: