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Beach Body: Gorgeous Arms



There is something about a nice set of arms!

The soft curvature of a firm shoulder, the defined tricep and a firm bicep exemplify strength and beauty all at the same time. If bikinis or beach trunks are in your near future it is a must to obtain well-defined arms.

Biceps and Triceps are utilized in every upper body exercise from the Push Up to the Seated Row. These “small muscles” of the upper body assist and stabilize your body in multi-joint/multi-muscle exercises.

The function of the biceps and triceps goes beyond getting you multiple complements as you stroll on the beach (due to “sleek and sexy” arms glistening under the sun), the biceps “flex” the arm and the triceps “extend” or straighten the arm at the elbow joint.

So every time you pick up your coffee/green tea, raise your hand to wave at the hottie at the gym or cruise in your car with windows down on Sunset thank your biceps and triceps for allowing you to enjoy those special moments.

How does one achieve spectacular arms?

1. Eat Right! You’ve heard it time and time again but 80% is attributed to your diet. You can train all you want but if you continue to indulge in unhealthy eating habits, the layer of fat will hide the muscle you’ve worked so hard to tone.
2. Burn, Baby, Burn! Incorporate cardio to help you burn the fat and achieve a caloric deficit.
3. Hit the weights! Use weight training to shape, define and tighten those muscles. If you need some ideas, check out my Gorgeous Arms videos for ideas.

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