Have It All: Fitness Tips, Life Lessons

Use fitness tips and techniques to help you reach your mental and physical goals.

We have one life to live, one chance to achieve our wildest dreams, one opportunity to pursue our passions. Why not throw our cards on the table and make the decision to have it all!

In fitness and in life, it is our decision to achieve a goal that leads to our success or demise. From having the most envied beach body to opening a business, our dedication will help us reach any goal no matter how far fetched it may seem. In the pursuit of excellence, the biggest obstacle that stands in the way are our own self imposed limitations.

  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I’m too old”
  • “I’m not creative enough”
  • “I don’t have the money”
  • “I’m not smart enough”
  • “I’m not attractive enough”

And the list goes on….

Try this exercise. Imagine that there are no limitations on what you can achieve over the next 12 months. From a physical perspective, what would your body look and feel like from head to toe? From a mental/spiritual perspective, how would you describe your state of mind and the impact you’re having on those around you? Write down what a typical day would be like in your new life?

After you’ve spent a few minutes on this exercise step back and notice how you feel about this imaginary life. If you’re smiling from ear to ear and excited about what you’ve written then it is time that you consider reevaluating your goals.

The items that you’ve written are goals that you have ignored for far too long. The good news is that this brainstorming session is the first step toward achieving them. Reexamine the goals you’ve written and identify the steps necessary to achieve those goals, you may be pleasantly surprised that your goals may not be as unrealistic as you once believed.

Try working from the inside out by taking control of your mental and physical state.

Free Your Mind With Cardio
Incorporate 20 minutes of cardio at least 3 days a week. When the weather is nice take a walk or jog outside and keep your eyes on the horizon. Observe your surroundings and the people around you. Enjoying new environments is a great way to enhance your creativity and reduce stress.

Train your body and your perseverance
Weight training challenges the body to endure discomfort for the purpose of gaining strength. The rhythmic and controlled movement will calm a distracted mind. Incorporate strength training into your routine 2 to 5 days a week. Call on the services of a personal trainer to guide you through proper technique and weight selection to ensure you get the most out of each workout.

Breathe for Peace and Focus
Meditation is an excellent way to get your mind ready for the most difficult challenges. Those new to meditation may find it difficult to stay focused. Use the wave breath to calm your mind. Sit in a chair or a comfortable crossed-legged seated position. Close your eyes. Take a shallow inhale through the nose to allow the air to rise from your pelvic floor to your belly button then release the air the way it came. Take a deeper inhale to allow the air to rise from your pelvic floor to your lower ribs then release the air the way it came. Inhale to allow the air to rise from your pelvic floor to your breastbone and release the air the way it came. Complete three cycles of this breath and continue for 10 to 15 minutes, breathing steadily through the nose. During this time take your focus to the path of the breath as it rises up the spine, expands the rib cage and releases the way it came.


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Love & Fitness: Michael Jackson…

The world lost an icon but his memory lives on. Over the past few days Michael Jackson’s music and videos have saturated the airwaves and our televisions. No matter what your age, musical preference or cultural background Michael Jackson’s music makes you want to get up and dance.


Celebrate the memory of Michael Jackson this weekend by dancing.

Enjoy the drama of Smooth Criminal and Thriller.  Embrace your tough side with Beat it and Bad.  Get inspired with Man in the Mirror and shed a tear with You Are Not Alone.

Appreciate the ability to lose yourself in each of his songs and when the final note plays remember how one man’s journey to live and share his passion had a profound influence on the world.

Are you living your passion?

Are you making an impact?

Take a moment today and honestly ask yourself these questions.  If your answer is no, then follow Michael Jackson’s powerful words “take a look at yourself, and then make a change”.



Ask Ozzie: How to stay motivated

Are you feeling discouraged about your fitness progress? Are you considering throwing in the towel? If so, then STOP and TUNE IN to Ask Ozzie!  In this episode Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, provides you with tips to get you back on the right track to reach your fitness goals.


Love & Fitness: Salsa

The rhythm, the class, the romance, the fitness!  If you are looking for love and fitness you may find it on the dance floor.

Salsa is a fabulous date for the fitness enthusiast.  The fancy footwork to an infectious beat will keep you moving for hours.  Each dance is spontaneous as a lift of the hand is a signal that a turn is ahead, a cross-body lead or maybe even a dip.  Even singles can get in on the action as the gentlemen are known to ask the lady sitting at the bar for a dance.

No experience is necessary as there are often classes right before the main event to teach you the basics.  However, it must be said that for the lady it is much more enjoyable to dance with a guy that knows what he’s doing.

The attire for this fitness date is “dress to impress” but be advised there will be lots of twirling, you will break a sweat and if you don’t have salsa shoes your toes may give out before you do.

A great place to salsa is at the Monsoon on the 3rd Street Promenade on Wednesday or Saturday night.  The band is great, the crowd is friendly and you can even take a lesson before the actual dancing begins.



Love & Fitness: Skinny jeans

This time last year they were your prized possession.

These were the jeans with the snug fit that hugged your curves in just the right way. When you wore these jeans you knew that you were sexy, heads would turn, sirens would sound and hearts would skip a beat.  Okay so maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but you did look HOT.

Now those jeans are your nemesis!!!!!

Not only do those jeans have the nerve to be too tight they are a constant reminder of the body you used to have. Each time you step into your closet to decide what to wear there they are taunting you. At any moment the urge to throw those, once beloved, jeans into the trash will consume you but it doesn’t have to be this way. Start salvaging your relationship with your skinny jeans today.

Step 1. Remember the good times. When you and your skinny jeans were happy you lived a certain lifestyle. Maybe you were more active or your eating habits were under control. Try to incorporate those old habits into your life.

Step 2.  Work on your communication. Your skinny jeans don’t have to be a reminder of the body you “used to have” they can be a reminder of the body “you can have” if you take a proactive effort toward reaching your fitness goals.

Step 3. Get back together. At one time you and your skinny jeans were a happy couple, why not rekindle the flame.  Accept that a relationship with your skinny jeans will take dedication, consistency and a commitment.

Check out the following workouts for some extra help:



Retro Fitness: Rollerblading

Flashback to the 70s and 80s where one of the favorite pastimes was heading to the local roller skating rink, lacing up your roller skates and spending hours skating along and jamming to your favorite tune!

As the time passed you didn’t give a thought to how many calories you burned and chances are you didn’t glance at your watch to check how many minutes you had left to go.  Those were the days…

Now that the bell-bottoms are gone, the larger than life afros are a thing of the past and disco is no more. Can we ever get back to that carefree attitude about fitness?

The answer is yes!

The new roller rink is on the beach.  Take a trip to your local beach (Santa Monica or Venice are great spots), strap on some rollerblades, turn your IPod up and start skating till the music stops!

Rollerblading on the beach is a retro fitness activity that can get you out of your workout slump.  The smooth, coordinated movement required is a low impact activity that you can do for 45 minutes or more that has numerous benefits.

–    The intensity is perfect for maximizing fat burning potential
–    The balance required will challenge your core
–    The lower body endurance challenge is perfect for sculpting beautiful thighs and a fabulous butt



Love & Fitness: In the pool

In this economy, being frugal is a must but that doesn’t mean that romance and fun have to go out the window. Lounging in the pool under the California sun can be an amazing way to connect with that special someone.

There are certain benefits to a fitness date in the pool: the attire, the conversation and the water aerobics.  Most fitness enthusiasts would agree that it is refreshing to see a fit/toned physique, bathing suits have a tendency to show off one’s hard work in the gym.  Lounging in the pool gives you ample opportunity to learn more about each other as it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to spend hours in the pool (floating in the water can be quite relaxing).

Let’s not forget the “fit” part of the fitness date, as there are many activities that you can do to burn calories and enhance the fun factor. The traditional lap swim may not give you the opportunity to talk as much but holding a floating device in your arms (requiring the lower body to tread water) will allow you to get a great cardio workout while entertaining your date at the same time.  Some additional pool activities include:

  • Beach ball toss. Take a beach ball and toss it to your partner.
  • Beach ball dodge. Take a beach ball and throw it at your partner, be sure your partner understands that he/she should make the effort to “dodge” the ball (this type of “horse play” may not be appropriate for the first date or for the hyper competitive as your partner must trust that you won’t “take their head off”)
  • Water walk. Walk the length of the pool; if you’re short you may find it necessary to tread water as you get to the deeper end of the pool. Your partner can always give you a helping hand.
  • Tag “You’re It”. This classic game is great for a fitness date.  One player is “it” and chases his/her partner around the pool to “tag” them.



Love & Fitness: On the stairs

It began as another day at the gym. 45 minutes of cardio on the to do list, same old gym shoes and workout gear, same old music playing on the speakers but then you look to your right and bam! THERE HE IS……

Seconds later he strikes up a conversation, you go on a date, you fall in love and within a few years you are planning your wedding day.

Love and fitness, isn’t it beautiful……

Sure this love story may only happen to a very lucky few but it is possible to combine love and fitness especially if your special someone is a fitness enthusiast.  In the Los Angeles area there are numerous places for fitness lovebirds to spend time with each other and get a workout in at the same time.

A great place to have a fitness date is the Santa Monica Stairs (located on 4th street and Adelaide Dr in Santa Monica). Climbing the stairs is an intense workout and you and your special someone can motivate each other.  Once you’ve climbed the stairs take a moment to walk down a few blocks on flat land to catch your breath and strike up a conversation.  Once your heart rate has recovered and the conversation has run its course (whichever comes first) begin your climb again.