Ozzie’s Complete Ab Circuit

Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, presents the Complete Ab Circuit!  The Complete Ab Circuit is a 3-part video series that combines some of the best abdominal exercises featured on HealthandFitnessExpert.com.

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Ozzie’s Complete Ab Circuit: Part 3

Complete your ab circuit with Part 1 and Part 2.


Ozzie’s Complete Ab Circuit: Part 2

Complete your ab circuit with Part 1 and Part 3.


Ozzie’s Complete Ab Circuit: Part 1

Complete your ab workout with Part 2 and Part 3.


Fitness Countdown: New Year’s Eve

January is around the corner and in just a few short days people of all shapes and sizes will rush to their local gym to fulfill their dreams of washboard abs, bulging biceps and bikini ready thighs. Fitness magazines will fly off the shelves and healthy food will be in vogue.

Why wait until January to get the ball rolling, now is the time!

Starting your dedication to a healthy lifestyle right now will allow you to reach your fitness goals sooner and put you in a better state of mind for the New Year. Plus the self-esteem boost will serve you well during New Year’s Eve as you grab the attention of the hot guy or girl holding the Champagne glass a few tables away.

Each day try to incorporate 30 to 45 minutes of cardio into your routine to raise your endurance and reduce your body fat!


Fitness on Holiday?

During the holiday season it is very easy to put your fitness goals on the back burner. This is understandable given the numerous obligations one faces during the holidays such as gift shopping, preparing for the in-laws, cooking, cleaning and the list goes on.

How does one incorporate fitness on a “to-do list” that seems insurmountable?

Take it one day at a time!

Each evening plan out your day. List the tasks that you’d like to get done and make sure that you schedule a time for fitness. Staying in shape should not take a break during the holiday season but it certainly will if you don’t include it on your “to-do list”. Develop a general idea of how you’ll continue to include healthy eating habits into your day (this may mean packing a lunch or knowing where the healthy restaurants are in your neighborhood).

Keep your eye on the prize!

After the family fun of the holiday season, the New Year’s celebration is just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great to look hot and sexy as you bring in 2010?

It starts today!

No one is perfect and there will be days when you “fall of the wagon” with your fitness pursuits but each evening evaluate your progress, identify things you can improve and take action.


Budget Fitness: Top 5 Exercises

What do you do when your money is tight and your clothes are a little too snug? Oftentimes our fitness pursuits will fall to the wayside. Fitness should always be an investment and can still be part of the budget even when money is an issue. Here are 5 great indoor exercises that you can do at home to help tighten your belt (without squeezing your wallet):

1. The Push Up Begin in a “plank” position, hands on the floor shoulder width apart and legs about hip width apart or wider (to reduce the intensity). Firm your abdominals and draw the thighs toward the sky to keep the body flat like a board. As you inhale lower the body toward the floor evenly and on the exhale push up to starting position. Check out my video Push Up for some interesting variations.

2. The “Chair” Squat – Stand a few inches away from a chair, as if you were about to sit down. As you inhale, bend your knees and lower your hips down so that they hover a couple of inches away from the chair (you know you’ve gone far enough when your legs begin to engage). Exhale as you press through the feet and firm your gluteus maximus (aka “glutes”) to lift yourself up to a standing position. If balance becomes an issue extend your arms toward the wall in front of you as you lower your hips.  Make sure to keep your toes and knees pointing forward. Check out my video Creative Total Body Sculpt for a fun variation.

3. The Reverse Lunge – Stand with feet hip width apart. Lift your right foot off the floor and extend it, allowing the ball of the right foot to touch the floor a few feet behind you. Slowly bend both knees to allow for a ninety-degree bend in the front and back leg. Once you feel your legs engage press through the front foot and bring yourself to a standing position. Repeat with the left leg. Check out my video Dynamic Power Workout for more advanced variations.

4. Pilates Side Kicks – This classic series is amazing for sculpting lean thighs and firm abdominals. Check out my video Pilates Side Kicks for a demonstration.

5. Mountain Climbers – Begin in plank position; draw your right knee underneath the chest as you draw the abdominals toward the spine. Extend the right leg back to plank position and repeat on the left side. Continue switching sides at a controlled and rhythmic pace. Check out my video Training Session for a demonstration.


Why do you TRAIN?

Motivation plays a major role in one’s ability to stick with a training regimen. Does motivation derive from the ability to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, look like the celebrity of the hour or does our motivation derive from an intrinsic desire to be healthy?

“Yo-Yo” fitness is the consequence of training for the wrong reason. Training for the wrong reason will not give you the willpower to complete the last thirty minutes on the treadmill, nor will it motivate you to drive through the heavy LA traffic to get to your gym.

The best motivation comes from within and is sustainable when one realizes the power that training can have on the development of an individual’s strength and confidence, which inevitably leads to success.

On the weight room floor and on the yoga mat we spend hours committed to achieving a goal. We face the obstacles of fatigue, fear and weakness but ever so often we discover our ability to find the inner strength necessary to succeed. On the mat and on the gym floor we develop the coping skills necessary to face each challenge with confidence.

TRAIN for tenacity and resilience every day!


Train: Control and surrender

A healthy body is one that maintains balance. A healthy body can summon the strength necessary to lift, push or pull an object of resistance. In the same breath a healthy body must have the capacity to extend, release and gracefully move in multiple directions.

The path of the “corporate warrior” oftentimes leads to financial success and security but along the way the “corporate warrior” may sacrifice the health of their body and mind.

Yoga can replenish the “corporate warrior” due to its ability to calm the mind and regain balance in the body. Two excellent poses for the “corporate warrior” in all of us are Trikonasana (the “Triangle”) and Parsvakonasana (the “Side Angle”). These two poses challenge the “corporate warrior” to resist and release at the same time. During each pose the body is challenged to mindfully engage certain muscle groups while consciously releasing (or extending) others.

The concept of simultaneous “control and surrender” at first may seem counter-intuitive but when an individual achieves it their actions become efficient, fluid and natural. When the “corporate warrior” applies this concept into their work and life they have the tools necessary to overcome the most difficult challenge without sacrificing their peace of mind.

Incorporate Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana into your fitness routine today:


Last chance: Beach body abs

Rock hard, washboard and ripped Abs of steel have always been one of the most popular (yet elusive) goals of most gym members. Hence the popularity of the “crunch” and huge areas of gyms that are dedicated to the abdominal workout.

One of the biggest myths about Beach Body Abs is that more crunches equals faster results. Oftentimes, this mindset leads to excessive focus on this particular body part and neglect of the other body parts (like the legs and arms). The consequence of this type of behavior is that your body will not reap the benefit of a total body workout, which can enhance the calories burned (creating a caloric deficit).

When creating a caloric deficit, calories burned are greater than calories consumed. When the body is faced with a caloric deficit then it will burn excess calories and excess fat, allowing the abdominal musculature to “show” (which is often hidden beneath a layer of bodyfat).

Another important factor that will stand between you and your Beach Body Abs is your diet. Professional beach bodies (fitness/bikini models) pay careful attention to their diets so that they can maintain the necessary caloric deficit required to keep their bodyfat low so that their beach body abs are ready for the spotlight.

Check out Part 2 of Ozzie’s Beach Body Challenge for a routine designed to help you get your beach body abs!