Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, presents a podcast that reveals how to bring the joy of “Recess” back into our adult lives.



Retro Fitness: Rollerblading

Flashback to the 70s and 80s where one of the favorite pastimes was heading to the local roller skating rink, lacing up your roller skates and spending hours skating along and jamming to your favorite tune!

As the time passed you didn’t give a thought to how many calories you burned and chances are you didn’t glance at your watch to check how many minutes you had left to go.  Those were the days…

Now that the bell-bottoms are gone, the larger than life afros are a thing of the past and disco is no more. Can we ever get back to that carefree attitude about fitness?

The answer is yes!

The new roller rink is on the beach.  Take a trip to your local beach (Santa Monica or Venice are great spots), strap on some rollerblades, turn your IPod up and start skating till the music stops!

Rollerblading on the beach is a retro fitness activity that can get you out of your workout slump.  The smooth, coordinated movement required is a low impact activity that you can do for 45 minutes or more that has numerous benefits.

–    The intensity is perfect for maximizing fat burning potential
–    The balance required will challenge your core
–    The lower body endurance challenge is perfect for sculpting beautiful thighs and a fabulous butt



Workout: Daylight Savings Fun


Hooray for Daylight Savings Time! 

Daylight savings time has begun and I am so happy because we will be reunited with sunny evenings.  What will you do for the extra hour of sun?  Will you enjoy an afternoon jog on the beach, maybe a stroll down the boardwalk; whatever you plan on doing make the most of it through positive steps toward your health and wellness goals!

Try these outdoor fitness activities on for size….  

1. Run on the beach!  I have found beach runs to be stress relieving and fun due to the beautiful California scenery as well as the “people watching” (especially at Venice Beach).


2. Volleyball anyone?! Gather a group of friends and head out to the beach volleyball courts for a game under the sun. The constant movement and “trash talking” from friends will keep you at the top of your game.


3. Show off the “wheels”! Go ahead and pull your bike out of the garage or your rollerblades out of the closet.  Put on your cool shades and your i-pod as you head to the boardwalk for a smooth leg workout.


4. Ohm under the sun!  There is nothing like doing yoga under the sun.  Pull out your yoga mat and start posing.  Let the ocean breeze be your soundtrack and get enlightened as you do your sun salutations in the perfect environment.


I look forward to seeing you out there!


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