Fitness Past, Present and Future

One of the most enjoyable things about the holiday season are the movies. One of the most popular movies is “A Christmas Carol” in which the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future visit Ebenezer Scrooge. We can learn some valuable lessons from this classic children’s story as we evaluate our progress toward reaching fitness goals.

Fitness Past: As we grow older and our lives are filled with more responsibility, the time reserved for ourselves will often be reduced significantly. In our younger years we had more free time allowing us to dedicate more time toward doing things we loved; whether that included dancing, hiking, running and a myriad of other fitness activities with friends.

Fitness Present: Now that time is short and the “to-do list” is larger than before we find ourselves skipping trips to the gym, canceling fitness outings with friends and viewing fitness as more of a chore than an activity of pleasure.

Fitness Future: Continuing down this path causes a number of health problems (i.e. obesity, high blood pressure, stress, diabetes and the list goes on).

Although it may seem that taking control of your fitness is an insurmountable task, it is achievable if you develop a strategy and commit to it.

Fitness Strategy #1: Make the Commitment

  • Define your fitness goal.
  • Determine what steps must be taken to achieve the fitness goal (i.e. workout consistency, particular eating habits)
  • Sign the contract. Write out your goals and the steps necessary to achieve them on paper and sign the proverbial “dotted line”.

Fitness Strategy #2: Checks and Balances

  • Designate a day each month to re-evaluate your progress with a fitness buddy, personal trainer or loved one.
  • Identify the areas of strength and weakness then determine a plan of action to overcome those weaknesses.

Fitness Strategy #3: Consult the Professionals

  • Start reading nutrition and fitness related literature to keep fitness “top of mind”
  • Schedule a consultation with a personal trainer and nutritionist to enhance your knowledge and obtain additional guidance.