Spice Up Your Workout

Ozzie Jacobs presents a podcast to give you ideas on how to make your workout more fun this weekend!



Workout: Spicing it up

The key to making exercise an enjoyable activity is to spice it up!  Exercise can become monotonous if we continue with the same strategy week after week. There are only so many bicep curls and lunges that one can do before our subconscious begins to scream “Not Again!!!!!!

Spicing up your fitness routine is a lot easier than you may think. It is just a matter of keeping an open mind and exploring the possibilities.

This weekend try to incorporate at least one of the following into your routine:

  • Try people watching as you take a jog through Venice Beach, don’t be surprised to find a “human tree” or some impressive acrobatics
  • Check out a new gym.  The hard bodies at the infamous Gold’s Gym in Venice can certainly inspire.
  • Take a stroll with your significant other or that “hot” guy or girl you’ve been eyeing for a while.



Workout: Breathe


Whether you’re a yogini, pilates student, power lifter, jogger, gymnast or fitness enthusiast we all must recognize one thing.  There is power in the breath.  The mighty exhale exerts tremendous strength and force as your core (your center) engages.


Experienced exercises have already succumbed to the fact that the art of breathing (when mastered) can be a huge advantage but when one becomes unaware of their breath and can no longer keep it calm and controlled then success can easily slip through their fingers.


Even off the court, the field or the gym room floor researchers have discovered that breathing can be a valuable tool toward changing one’s mental state.  Whether you are battling a relentless migraine, an unyielding headache, anxiety or high levels of stress breathing can be your respite.


Try these breathing exercises today:

1.Breathe to calm the mind.  Close your eyes and inhale through the nose, imagine the air slowly filling your rib cage then your belly.  On the exhale slowly expel all the air from your lungs as if you are deflating a balloon.  Repeat this breath cycle 3 to 5 times as you bring all your attention and focus to the sound of your breath

2.Breathe for control.  Inhale through your nose, filling your lungs with air.  As you exhale draw the “Powerhouse” (i.e. core/abdominals) in toward the spine and up toward the rib cage.  To guide the action, place your palm on your belly and as you exhale gently press your belly in then push the belly up toward the rib cage.  Repeat this breath cycle 3 to 5 times as you bring all your attention and focus to the sound of your breath.

3.Breathe for strength. Try this breathing exercise while doing a machine chest press.  Inhale to prepare yourself for the movement and exhale as you draw the abdominals toward the spine and aggressively push the weight forward.  Continue this breathing cycle for the entire set.