Yoga In The Park

Ozzie Jacobs presents a rejuvenating yoga sequence!


Spice Up Your Workout

Ozzie Jacobs presents a podcast to give you ideas on how to make your workout more fun this weekend!



Crazy Legs

Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, presents a fun and effective workout to sculpt your thighs!


Train: Push Ups!

Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, presents a variety of Push Up modifications to help you get washboard abs and tighten your glutes and thighs!


Love & Fitness: In the pool

In this economy, being frugal is a must but that doesn’t mean that romance and fun have to go out the window. Lounging in the pool under the California sun can be an amazing way to connect with that special someone.

There are certain benefits to a fitness date in the pool: the attire, the conversation and the water aerobics.  Most fitness enthusiasts would agree that it is refreshing to see a fit/toned physique, bathing suits have a tendency to show off one’s hard work in the gym.  Lounging in the pool gives you ample opportunity to learn more about each other as it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to spend hours in the pool (floating in the water can be quite relaxing).

Let’s not forget the “fit” part of the fitness date, as there are many activities that you can do to burn calories and enhance the fun factor. The traditional lap swim may not give you the opportunity to talk as much but holding a floating device in your arms (requiring the lower body to tread water) will allow you to get a great cardio workout while entertaining your date at the same time.  Some additional pool activities include:

  • Beach ball toss. Take a beach ball and toss it to your partner.
  • Beach ball dodge. Take a beach ball and throw it at your partner, be sure your partner understands that he/she should make the effort to “dodge” the ball (this type of “horse play” may not be appropriate for the first date or for the hyper competitive as your partner must trust that you won’t “take their head off”)
  • Water walk. Walk the length of the pool; if you’re short you may find it necessary to tread water as you get to the deeper end of the pool. Your partner can always give you a helping hand.
  • Tag “You’re It”. This classic game is great for a fitness date.  One player is “it” and chases his/her partner around the pool to “tag” them.



Workout: The infomercial complex

During a Saturday afternoon or a late night TV indulgence it is quite common that one may come across an infomercial that provides a “quick fix” to the achievement of a fitness goal.

The product may offer results in “as little as 5 minutes a day” for the busy individual that doesn’t have time for exercise or it may reduce the size of your dress or jeans with NO exercise.

Why not, exercise is a dreadful experience anyway……

When did exercise become the bad guy? When did it become the goal to avoid exercise at all costs? When did exercise become a bad investment?

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, elevate your mood, improve health and look good! Exercise can be a chore if that is the perception the individual brings to the table. Quite often what prevents us from viewing exercise as an enjoyable experience is our reluctance to find an activity that we enjoy.

Exercise is movement, any movement will do. If you are struggling with finding an exercise activity you enjoy try the following:

  • Try a fitness buffet. Explore a variety of fitness activities (i.e. dance, martial arts, yoga, mountain biking, team sports, etc.)
  • Get a workout buddy. One is the loneliest number so bring a friend along to pass the time.
  • Change the scenery. Take a jog on the beach, the buzz of activity around you can be inspiring.
  • Fitness and love. Enjoy a fitness activity with your loved ones (walk the beach with that special someone, play a family game of soccer or take a hike as you catch up with an old friend).



Gorgeous Arms: Biceps/Triceps Part 2

Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, presents Part 2 of Gorgeous Arms: Biceps and Triceps!


Beautiful Chest, Gorgeous Back, Magnificent Abs!

Ozzie Jacobs, Health and Fitness Expert, delivers a chest, back and core workout to help you build a phenomenal upper body!


Beach Body Training: Total Body

One of the biggest misconceptions that a number of fitness enthusiasts have is the assumption that working a single target area will be enough to reach their fitness goals.

The fact is that your body is genetically predisposed to hold excessive body fat in certain areas. With this in mind, the best workout strategy to tone the abs, sculpt the arms and shape the thighs is to incorporate a total body workout into your fitness regime.

Total body routines maximize your caloric expenditure as you’re working all of the major muscle groups at once.  When you maximize your caloric expenditure then your ability to burn fat is enhanced substantially.

Try these total body routines to help you get your beach body!


Workout: Exercise Euphoria


Have you ever left the gym feeling better than when you arrived?


This feeling of euphoria might be described as a heavy weight lifted from your shoulders or you may feel as if you are walking on a cloud. However you describe it this “relaxation response” is something that researchers have identified as another of the numerous benefits of exercise. Numerous studies have revealed that “habitual exercisers have better moods, suffer from less depression, less anxiety and more general feelings of well-being”.


Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise recently revealed in an interview for WebMD that “For people who are physically active on a regular basis, they have active relaxation — kind of by moving the body and focusing on the sensation of moving your body and getting into the rhythmic activity and motion, it produces this relaxation response, and that I think contributes significantly to the feelings of psychological well-being.”

If you are new to exercise or you’ve been exercising for a while and haven’t experienced the soothing after effects of exercise try these 3 easy steps:

1. Move with the breath. Connect your movement with your breathing pattern during your strength training and your flexibility routine. Exhale as you exert force and inhale as you gather your energy. During your flexibility routine inhale as you lengthen into your stretch and exhale as you relax.

2. Go with the flow. Incorporate rhythmic and continuous movement into your workout. Try to make your movements smooth and fluid by using your body efficiently.

3. Stay Calm. When you notice your heart rate elevated after a set. Calm your heart rate down by taking a few deep breaths (on the inhale expand the rib cage and abdomen, on the exhale draw in your abdominals to encourage your body to expel all the air).